Above all else, I am a people person… a connector.

Authentic, creative, energetic, and driven, I strive to bring a sense of calm control to people with hectic schedules and busy home life. I am a dynamic problem solver who thrives on new challenges every day.

Do you know the feeling of satisfaction that comes from checking items off your seemingly-endless To-Do list? In addition to help with day-to-day tasks, the other areas where I can lend expertise are in staging a home for sale, adapting your home for a disabled family member, and in the case of divorce, staging the marital home for sale and helping set up new residences as comfortable havens for children.

People who know me well describe me as genuine, outgoing, capable, flexible, and trustworthy. I have a knack for creating calm where there was chaos. I provide empathy and support in decision making and an artistic eye in helping you to create your home’s own personal aesthetic.

The success of my business is measured by the strength of the relationship. My aim is to reach a level of trust and connection such that I can step in and fulfill any task to be addressed with the full knowledge and understanding of each client’s needs. My background in counseling gives me a much-needed skill set in navigating difficult situations and relationships.

I have a BS in Psychology and an MS in Counseling and Human Services. I am a mother to three of my favorite people. In addition to my work in counseling, I have worked as an artist, a floral designer, a caterer, professional recruiter, and bartender. I have worked tirelessly since 2011 as an advocate for my youngest son, who sustained a catastrophic brain injury. It was this ‘job’ in particular where I learned tenacity, patience, and creative problem solving. I also learned that having a sense of humor is key to maintaining your sanity!

My ideal client is educated, decisive (but not a control freak), enjoys entertaining and sharing their home with others, appreciates creativity and an artistic eye, realizes the value of their free time, is aware that they need a ‘wife’! (even busy women need a wife!!!)

So if you find yourself yearning for more free time as you look over your list of To-Do’s, send it over to me at The Well Kept Home, and consider it DONE!

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